Welcome to City Beefs!

Chicago Style!

City BeefsThere is a new spot in downtown Michigan City for fans of Chicago Style beef sandwiches to get their fill.

Arnold and Teresa Llorens have opened City Beefs on Franklin Street next to Domino's Pizza at Franklin Street and Greenwood Avenue.

"Really, it's all about bringing in a Chicago-style beef," Teresa said. "That's really what we specialize in."

City Beefs uses Vienna Beef products for its menu offerings, which include Italian beef (Our signature sandwich), Italian sausage, Italian sub and Philly steak sandwiches. Unlike many shops that make Italian beef sandwiches ours are made with either hot or mild Giardiniera peppers.

"Our beefs include our secret recipe," Arnold said. "Everyone seems to think it's good."

Other menu offerings include a variety of hot dogs, homemade collard greens, mac and cheese, dirty rice, chicken strips and wings and shrimp. We also make fresh hamburgers every day.

The idea to open City Beefs came from the Llorenses' own passion for the sandwiches. "Me and Teresa were always going to Chicago twice a month to bring back beefs," Arnold said. Because of that, the couple decided to open their own place that offered the beef sandwiches they enjoyed.

The Llorenses worked on their plan for a couple of years. Teresa said they tested recipes for a while to come up with the right flavor, the right beef and the right bread.

We take a lot of pride in putting this together.

The Llorens family remodeled the spot, with Teresa heading the redecorating. The interior has a modern look with a green marbleized floor and counter.

Teresa's daughter, Shawna Brown, helps at the family business. Working together has worked out well for the family and the family atmosphere shows as soon as you walk through the door. "It makes it nice," Teresa said. "I don't have to worry about everything."

We look forward to serving you with our Chicago Style cooking soon!

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